Boson X


Racing and jumping at critical velocity


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Boson X is a platform game where you control a teacher, Mr. Boson, who must run nonstop through a particle collider in order to discover mysterious and unknown particles.

Gameplay in Boson X is similar to that of other 3D 'endless runner' games, but with a few small differences. Although the goal is to run nonstop and try to get as far as possible, to do so you have just three buttons: jump left, jump right, and jump center. Meanwhile, the ground platforms appear and disappear as you go.

The trick is that the longer you press the button, the further you jump. This means you have to judge every jump perfectly, calculating how far you need to go to land on the next platform while predicting which direction you'll need to move in further ahead.

Boson X is a platform game with highly entertaining gameplay, which also has some outstanding graphics and technical elements. Best of all, it is completely free and also includes online leaderboards.
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